"Feel the closeness…experience the extraordinary camaraderie at R&R (some call it magic) that occurs when people come together to help a cause and help each other in the process!"

     Volunteers are always needed
and appreciated at Right & Relevant.         
     Beginning volunteer areas are
clothes distribution, sizing and straightening of clothes racks, and assisting our customers.
     Advanced areas are tagging, pricing, computer data entry, filing and processing of donations.
     Fun, friendly, supportive environment where special needs can be accommodated.
    Flexible scheduling is available.
    One-on-one training with Volunteer Coordinator.
    To get started, pick up Volunteer Application Form from Front Desk or Office or download it below,
or email us at areurelevant@gmail.com

    A training session will be set up and you will soon be an R & R volunteer!

Volunteer Application Form Click here!

School and other organizations’ community service hours can be fulfilled at R&R by contacting the store
manager and filling out a volunteer application form obtained at the Front Desk or downloaded here.

     Relevant Newsletter
for staff and volunteers sent out quarterly covering current events.

     Relevant E-Mail will be sent out 1st of month for timely reminders, updates.

    Operations Committee Meeting will be held 2nd Tuesday of each month at 8:30am, Middle Room,
       to discuss concerns about store operations and policies.  All welcome.  Open agenda.
       Minutes posted in kitchen for all to read.

     Special Retreats/ Appreciation Events will be held once or twice a year .

Regular volunteers are given 10% discount in the Consignment Store on all items except for See’s Candy.