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New Guidelines

Starting February 1, 2023 we no longer accept fast fashion clothing brands for consignment. Some of these brands include Shein, Fashion Nova and Romwe, please ask staff if you are unsure if we take an item or not. As well any artwork or wall decor must have some type of backing so we can hang them on our display wall.

Consignment Hours Current Season What We Take & Don't Take How to Consign Forms & Policies Facebook Updates Frequently Asked Questions

R&R Facebook Page

For updates, please call the store or check our Facebook page. Follow our Facebook to get push notifications when we post.

Consignment Hours

Drop-Off Consignment

Tuesdays & Thursdays
11AM - 5:30PM

11AM - 2:30PM

We will stop accepting consignors 10 minutes to closing.

Consignment Appointments

Wednesdays & Fridays; Saturday evenings for new consignors only
Appointments must be made at least one business day in advance and no more than one week out.
New consignors are required to make an appointment.

Current Season: SPRING flowers in flower pot

This includes tanks, sun dresses, rompers, linen clothing, capris, beach wear, straw hats, sandals and flip flops, ankle boots, raincoats & rain boots. Women's shorts are only accepted during SUMMER.

Please click here for a list of what items are accepted during each season, including what we accept year round.

What We Take & Don't Take

We accept seasonal clothing (adult and children's) in excellent condition, that have been cleaned and with minimal wrinkles. Starting May 3, 2022 we will no longer be accepting T-shirts & tank tops from inexpensive clothing brands.
Please see our list of Inexpensive Clothing Brands for examples.

We accept household items, collectibles, jewelry, quality books, quality CDs and DVDs. Lamps must be brought in with a working lightbulb and all electronic items must be consigned either with the original box or an instruction manual.

Restrictions due to space or season change will be posted on Facebook and in the consignment room. All non-clothing items must be brought in a bag or box, with glass, china, and other breakables wrapped.

All furniture, large artwork (3+ ft in any direction), items over 3ft in any direction, and dish sets over 30 pieces must be approved by management first (see below for more details). Unacceptable consignment items will be donated without notice. Such items might be repaired or cleaned and sold as a store owned item, donated to another non-profit, or recycled. If you are consigning items for STEAC, please refer to the Programs page for more details.

This is not a complete list, but here is an example of some of the items we do not take for consignment. We do not accept any merchandise that is not clean, is missing pieces, or is damaged.

Please call our store or check our Facebook feed for updates about specific items we may not be taking at this time.

How to Consign

For first time consignors, you must make an appointment. To do so, call the store (530)759-9648 on Wednesday, Friday or Saturday and we will work with you to get you an appointment. We open at 11 a.m. and reccomend calling earlier in the day.

The entrance to the consignment room is through the Thrift Store. Please fill out the relevant forms (clothing or non-clothing) when you bring in items. You can either print off forms from below or get a copy when you come in. We recommend bringing clothing on your own hangers and switching them out when you get to the store to ensure minimal wrinkles. Please bring non-clothing items in a bag or box that you are willing to leave with us. All glass, china, and other breakables must be wrapped. There is a limit of 10 items per account, per day, per person physically present.

If you would like to consign furniture, items 3+ ft in any direction, or dish sets (over 30 pieces). Please call the store on the day you want to bring the item(s) in to ensure that we have the space to properly display your items. You may consign these items any day we are open. You may only bring in items that have been approved by a manager on that day. Please fill out approved furniture items on a separate consignment sheet.

Items found not acceptable for sale in All Things Right & Relevant are donated to the store. These items might be repaired or cleaned and sold as a store item. R&R assumes no liability for loss or damage to consigned merchandise for any reason, including fire, theft, or water damage. We appreciate your confidence and will work with you for our mutual benefit.



Starting on January 1, 2020, we will ONLY be accepting forms from 2019 and later. Please download new copies to ensure your forms are up to date. The forms below are form fillable if you would like to type up your consignment instead of hand-writing them, but please sign your signature in pen.

As of February 1, 2023 we have updated our policy sheet. Any new policies will go into effect immediately.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is consignment?

Consignment is an agreement to pay someone when goods are sold. In our case that means 40% of the sale price of your items will go into your account if they sell during the 30 day consignment period. You may pick up unsold items any time before the 30 day consignment period ends. Uncollected items will be donated at the end of the 30 days.

Do you take furniture or large artwork?

We only accept furniture or large artwork on a space available basis. Please see above for more details.

I don't want my items donated. What should I do?

Sometime during the 30 day consignment period, you can come in to pick up the unsold items. Simply find them in the store and bring up to the front counter so we can note down that you took the items back. It's recommended to ask the front counter to check your account, so you can know which items are currently still available. You cannot take back any items that have been in the store for longer than the 30 day consignment period.

Do you take vintage clothes?

We are not a vintage store, but we will take classic or timeless styles. All clothes must be in season and freshly laundered with no stains, tears, fading, missing buttons, broken zippers, lint, pet hair, or strong odors (this includes strong perfumes or fabric softeners scents as these may cause allergic reactions). Please be aware that we price to sell, so it might not be priced as high as a vintage store.

I don't see one of my items on the floor. Where is it?

There are a couple possibilities. We might have found something wrong with the item and didn't accept it during the pricing process. It could be in a different section of the store than the obvious. Or maybe the best option - someone is walking around the store right now with it, ready to buy it!

Do you call consignors when items are placed on the floor/sell/are pulled off the floor?

We do not call consigners when their items are placed on the floor, sell, or are pulled off the floor. We have over 10,000 consignors and are unable to call each consignor individually.

Can I bring in items for my relative/friend's account?

You may, but you can only bring in 10 items total across both your account and your relative/friend's account for that consignment day. For example, if you bring in 6 items for your account, you may bring up to 4 items for the other account, for a total of 10 items. You may not pull money or items out of the account unless you are listed as a secondary.

Can I check my balance online?

Unfortunately, you can't check your balance online. But you can check you balance by calling us! We will ask to verify either your address or your phone number on the account. We can only tell you your balance over the phone. For other information, please come into the store.

Can I ever bring more than 10 items?

Occasionally we will have "double days" where we allow consignors to bring it 20 items. Check our Facebook page for any updates concerning these days.